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Special permission for landing


Special permission for landing

A procedure to invite deportees who have returned to their home country to Japan during the immigration ban period.

The main reasons for denial of landing for foreigners who come to Japan are as follows.

  • If you have been subject to deportation If you have returned to Japan under a departure order, or if less than 10 years have passed since you left the country due to deportation

  • If you have been deported in the past, or if you have returned to your country under a departure order

  • If one year has not passed since the date of departure due to the departure order

  • The poor who need assistance such as public assistance

  • Those who have been sentenced to imprisonment with work or imprisonment for one year or more for violation of laws and regulations, regardless of whether they are in Japan or abroad

The next period will be the landing denial period for forced deportation by Overcity.

Past permission and non-permission cases

Judging criteria

Article 12 Even if the Minister of Justice finds that the objection filed is groundless in making the decision set forth in paragraph 3 of the preceding article, if the foreign national falls under any of the following items, the foreign national shall: may be specially permitted to land.

(i) When he/she has obtained re-entry permission.

(ii) When he/she has entered Japan under the control of another person due to trafficking in persons, etc.

(iii) When the Minister of Justice deems that there are circumstances requiring special permission for landing.

2. With regard to the application of paragraph 4 of the preceding article, the permission set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to be a ruling to the effect that there is a reason for filing an objection.

Applicable laws and regulations

Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 12

Required documents

Under the Immigration Control Act, there is no application procedure for special permission for landing.

Normally, the first thing to do is to apply for a certificate of eligibility, just like with other statuses of residence.

However, the proof for the certificate of eligibility differs depending on the case.

Others [When landing permission is issued, the following information must be reported to the immigration office]

  • Landing date and time

  • Immigration flight

  • Entry (airport) port

  • Departure (airport) port

  • Airport pick-up persons name and phone number

Review period

About 4 to 6 months is common



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