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Administrative scrivener introduction

Cui Lin

崔 林

Sai  Rin

I came to Japan in 2010 and entered Yamanashi Eiwa University. 

However, I had a strong desire to go out and work as soon as possible without graduating from university, so I dropped out of school in my third year and joined Nihon Tsinghua Tongfang Software Co., Ltd. mid-career.

After gaining a year and a half of experience, I have been working as a freelancer in the wireless industry for mobile communications for about eight years. Around the age of 34, I began to feel a sense of crisis and began to think about the future. So, I remembered the mind map I was taught in my school days, sorted out what I was good at and what I should do in the future, and based on the analysis results, I decided to aim for an administrative scrivener. After five years of studying to become an administrative scrivener, I finally passed. I no longer have the scribbles I made when I did the mind map and cross SWOTanalysis, but I tried to reproduce the notes I made at that time while tracing my memory. I am not sure if the usage is correct, but I am embarrassed to post it. From now on, I would like to build a win-win relationship by carefully preparing documents according to the customer's request.


Ningan City, Heilongjiang , China


Saitama Administrative Scrivener Association Kawaguchi Branch


Admission service Japanese, Chinese, Korean support


Reading, Workout


To become good at English

Choi Lin Administrative Scrivener
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