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Business administration

business meeting

If a foreigner establishes a company in Japan and runs a business,

One of the statuses of residence acquired when managing a business or investing in a business.

Target audience

  • Foreigners in Japan who want to establish a company

  • Foreigners living abroad who want to establish a company

Target audience

All of the following apply.

1. The applicant must have a place of business in Japan to operate the business pertaining to the application.

However, if the business has not yet started, the facility to be used as the business office for the business is secured in Japan. to be


2. The scale of the business pertaining to the application falls under any of the following.

(a) Two or more full-time staff residing in Japan other than those engaged in management or management (excluding those who reside with the status of residence in the upper column of Appended Table 1 of the Act) be engaged and run.

(b) The amount of capital or the total amount of contributions shall be 5 million yen or more.

(c) It must be recognized as being on a scale equivalent to high or b.


3. If the applicant intends to engage in business management, three years or more of experience in business management or

Includes the period of majoring in business or management subjects. ) and an amount equivalent to the remuneration received when a Japanese person is engaged or above.

From the Ministerial Ordinance (Ministry of Justice Ordinance No. 16 of 1990) that sets standards for Article 7, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

Applicable laws and regulations

Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act​

Required documents

business administration
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility

  • Photo (4 cm high, 3 cm wide)

  • passport

  • Residence card

  • application form

  • business plan

  • Reason for application

  • Documents that clarify the amount of investment

  • Statutory record total table

  • certified copy of register

  • lease agreement

  • Financial statements for the most recent fiscal year

*Please note that the documents to be submitted may differ slightly depending on the category of the company.

Review period

Including the period of company establishment, it generally takes about 1 to 3 months


Since it is necessary to obtain a business manager visa after the company is established, please refer to here for the company establishment procedure.


*Consult separately if foreigners are overseas

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